how many states regulate nutritionist licensure?

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Certified Clinical Nutritionist Programs

For those individuals that are interested in becoming a certified clinical nutritionist you will need to enroll in a four year bachelor’s degree program that is accredited by the American Dietetic Association, through a university or college. These clinical nutritionist programs can also be found through online university programs.

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Nutrition Degrees

The nutrition degrees available are the associate’s bachelor’s or the master’s programs. Currently only thirty states mandate licensing for the nutritionist, giving those that reside in a state with no licensing requirements the option of taking the certification exam through the ADA. Here we will discuss the degree programs available and the different career opportunities […]

Careers in Nutrition

Careers in nutrition can provide employment in a number of different environments and offer a high salary for several types of managerial positions such as master nutritional therapist, health care manager and nutrition therapy practitioner. As a nutritionist you can work in correctional facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, fitness centers and health clubs. Advancement opportunities in […]

Nutrition Certification

Nutrition certification is accomplished through taking state licensing exams or exams that are administered through the American Dietetic Association. In order to qualify for nutrition certification exams you will first need to complete an ADA accredited program or take a state licensing exam, should you reside in a state that requires a nutritionist to be […]

How to Become a Nutritionist

If you’re interested in finding out how to become a nutritionist, the first step will be to learn about the education requirements for this profession. Commonly, the career of the nutritionist can be confused with that of the dietitian. While there are several states that may require the nutritionist to have certification, the majority do […]